Who is Liz Palmer…

Liz Palmer is one of an increasing number of women wine writers making her mark in this traditionally male-dominated field. She stems from a legal, background, and has a wealth of experience in the luxury market, as a successful former National Sales and Marketing Director of two luxury national magazines.

She believes that “besides having the passion, it takes substantive thought and knowledge, as well as exceptional organizational skills to write about champagne!”

Ms Palmer is an internationally published wine and lifestyle writer. Her articles have appeared in: Huffington Post, China Wine News, Heart Business Journal For Women, GAM on Yachting, National Wedding and Luxury Magazines both in USA and Canada. She tastes thousands of wines annually at international events, and is one of four international hosts for #ChampagneDay, 2011.

Liz Palmer is also a luxury lifestyle writer, wine educator, Apprentissage Sommelier, wine judge, and Chairman of the PCYC Wine Committee.

Her memberships include: Wine Century Club (NYC); Society of Wine Educators; Writers Net; Wine Writers Network; Immedia; TravelWriters.com; PWAC; International Sommelier Guild; Women in International Trade; The French Wine Society; The Center for Wine Origins; and The American Media Photographers, Inc., The British Canadian Chamber of Trade and Commerce, Association of France Canada, and Bay Street Toastmasters.

In 2010 Liz Palmer was accepted into the Circle of Wine Writers (UK). The “Circle” is a prestigious association of authors, broadcasters, journalists, photographers and lecturers who are professionally engaged in communicating about wines and spirits. Based in London, the “Circle” has 275 international members.

Ms Palmer is in the process of writing 4 books entitled: “The Little Black Book of Champagne”; “History of Champagne – an Ebook”; “The Champagne Cookbook – Traditional and Modern Recipes”; “Unique Boutique Champagne Houses®”; along with designing 2 Apps entitled “International Champagne Bars®”, and Champagne Trivia®.


4 Responses to “Who is Liz Palmer…”

  1. Hey!

    I was wondering how many readers you had during the average month.


    David Donatti
    Chlopak Leonard Schechter and Associates

    • Hi David,

      Sorry for the delay in responding – I’ve been busy preparing for a trip to Reims, Fr.

      Thank you for your interest in our site. Can you please tell me why you are asking?

  2. So glad I’ve found your site, Liz!

    It pairs so nicely with the series of books I’m researching and writing about the finest chocolate of the world! I invite you and your readers to check out my chocolate travel blog at: http://diversionswithdoreen.wordpress.com/

    Let’s keep in touch,

    • This is exciting – Let’s connect by phone in the next few days.


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