A Photo Essay Capturing Richard Geoffroy’s (le chef de cave de Dom Pérignon) Natural Character

Written and Photographed by Liz Palmer

This photo essay is a collection of images of my interview with Richard Geoffrey, Chef de Cave, Dom Pérignon, capturing his expressions and movements.

Outside on the grounds of the Abbey

I met Richard Geoffroy at the Abbey of Hautvillers, the celestial home of Champagne, where in the 17th century the Benedictine monk Dom Pierre Pérignon conducted research and experiments on the wines of Champagne.

Richard Geoffroy has been the head winemaker for over 20 years of Moët & Chandon’s Cuvée Dom Pérignon, and shows no signs of slowing down. He greets me with a warm smile, quite personable and relaxed.


The scientist at work: focused, attention to detail and perfection – wines often mirror their maker. I was absolutely thrilled to taste with one of the world’s premier Champagne artists. I paced myself in elegant moderation.

Richard Geoffroy’s comments:

“A seamless, silky texture is what I’m looking for – I am not looking for weight or power.”

“Dom Pérignon must be vibrant and long.”

“Dom Pérignon is all about pleasure and joy!” Richard Geoffroy

“Perfectly Balanced!” Liz Palmer



~ by Liz Palmer on March 23, 2012.

5 Responses to “A Photo Essay Capturing Richard Geoffroy’s (le chef de cave de Dom Pérignon) Natural Character”

  1. You captured Richard Geoffrey beautifully! Great attention to detail.


  2. Liz, What an amazing experience! Beautiful photography and well written.

    Ashley E.

  3. Brilliant!

    Edo 江戸 ‏ @edo_au

  4. Loved this. Such joy! Liz you are as special as the champagne you write about.

    Michelle Moranha Winner
    Vice President, IFWTWA

  5. Hi Liz,

    Great write-up.

    Fantastic. Must have been so amazing spending time with Richard.

    Really well done.


    (Franco Stalteri)

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